Månadsarkiv: oktober 2014


  • Dolphins eat fish.
  • Dolphins like at swimming in the sea.
  • Dolphins is very sweet but them is dangerous.
  • Dolphins like a play in the water.
  • Dolphins are smooth.
  • Dolphins live in the sea
  • Dolphins are on a zoo in the water.
  • You can pet the dolphins at the zoo.
  • Dolphins have sharp teeth.
  • Dolphins are not in Sweden only at the zoo.
  • Dolphin is light gray.
  • Dolphins can swim very fast and good.
  • Dolphins can bi up to 17-25 years.
  • Dolphins can swim very fast and good.
  • I like dolphins because them are fine.
  • Dolphins coral like coral.
  • Dolphins can also be up to 50 years but it does not happen very often.

Dolphins is sweet and them can bites. This is not good at them bites. Them live in water and them like coral. Them can be up to 50 years this is very much. They like at live in the sea. Dolphins eat fishes, octopuses, crustaceans and seals. Dolphins have a big mouth, dolphins eye is small black eyes. They jump in the water.


Cow eats grass. And they product milk.

There are many differed cows for example milk cows, met cows, highland cattle, slb, srb

And bull. Cow’s enemies are wolfs and bears.


My name is Jonathan

Cows live in farms everywhere in the world.

Cows can give birth to 2 calf



Rabbit is a very good animal and you most clap them. Rabbit like carrot. Rabbit it´s need active every day. And rabbit ears can be 10cm long. Rabbit can be 5-15 years old. And rabbit can be tall. And rabbit like to dig. Rabbit can live in the house on winter and every day. There are 1,7 Million Rabbit  in USA. And Rabbit is a very nice animal. It lives Rabbits in every country. Rabbits eat vegetables. 🙂

Kitten and Cats

Kittens need to be ten to tvelwe weeks before you can buy them. They need to eat and drink they drink water and milk. if they dont eat they can die they eat the most things.
An adult cat has 32 teeth cats see very far they can see 500 meters or something

They eat cat food, grass but they throw up the most time they eat kind of mouch

kittens like to jump around and run away from people they run fast

cats can hace dogs, people, car and other animals can be enemies for them. They live in houses on garden and in wood and many other places. Cats can get 8 to 10 kittens.

German shepherd

German shepherd is a dog. They are big dogs. They are good at working with the police and other jobs like finding missing persons.

They like food and have fun whit frends. The don’t like boring days. The love frends and persons.They are strong and they bark very much.

They love persons and play with them. And they have good anosmia and good hearing. They running very fast. They came from Germany and they are it largest german shepherd. Male weghs 66­­­-88 lb female weghs 49-71lb.

Kitten and Cats!!!

Kittens need to be 10 to 12 years before you can buy one.

They need to drink milk and water and eat food. they have four legs. They eat normal food and cat food. Cats have 32 teeth. Cats can see very long. And cats can see when it is dark.

Cats live in houses or gardens maybe both.

Cats have dog as ememies.




Kangaroos can grow taller than a man. Born a mere is 1-1,5 centimetres long and weighing less than a gram. Kangaroos live in Australia. The kangaroo is the national symbol of Australia. Kangaroos can swim. Kangaroos usually live to around six years old in the wild. Most kangaroos eat grass. Kangaroos can´t walk backwads. A group of kangaroos is called mob, troop or court. Kangaroos can jump 30 feet high. They are red, grey or orange and brown. Kangaroos has powerful legs and can jump very high. They have a pocket on their stomach where their children can live.


  • It looks like a Shark and the color of Dolphins is Grey.
  • Dolphins usually live in the sea, but some dolphins can even live in rivers.
  • Dolphins eat fishes, octopuses, crustaceans and seals.

Dolphins are found in all oceans of the world. And is a form of aquatic mammals.

Dolphins´ enemies are killer whales and sharks.

Dolphins have a long face and a big mouth.

It has small black eyes on each side.

They jump well and they swim well and quickly.

It is also sweet.


Dolphins like to play in the water and eat fish. Dolphins are very sweet but they are very dangerous .Dolphins live in water. I like dolphins because they are very fine. Dolphins are very playful. Dolphins live not in Sweden because they like hot countries. Dolphins have fins and are very good at swimming. Dolphins may be 17-25 year.But they can live one until they are 50 years old but it does not happen very often. Dolphins are mammals and live in South Africa. They are grey. They eat for example planktons.

                                                                 BY: Emma Algebäck