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Pigs are very good and smart animals.

There are two billion pigs in the world.

The pigs have excellent smell.

They eat both plants & animals.

They have small lungs.

Some people have pigs for pets­.

Pigs can be pink and brown coloured.


Wofs are mammals and they live in the woods. Wolfs eat elk, red deer, rod deer and rin deer. Wolfs somtimes attack sheep and cows. Many people are afraid of wolfs. They look like dogs and they have very long fur. Most wolves have a greyish brown coat, but they can vary in colour from white to black. They live in groups and the big male wolf is the leder of the pack.


Rabbit is a nice animal. Rabbits like to eat carrots. And rabbits must have hey. And water. Rabbits kan have 10 cm long ears. In usa it live 1,7 milions rabbit. Rabbit live in groups. Rabbits can become 10 years old. And rabbits like to be outside. Rabbits like to have a big cage. And they like grass. Rabbits can have many colors. And they like to dig.


The Rabbit has 10 cm long ears. In USA it live 1,70000 rabbits. A male rabbit is called a buck. Rabbits live in groups. Rabbits live for 10 years and then they die.

The rabbit like to dig. Rabbits family is a foe.

Rabbit is very nice animals to have. Rabbit likes vegetables.

The rabbits lives in cages.

Jack russell terrier

Jack russell terrier

. was breeded in England about 200 years ago to hunt foxes.

. it lives in houses

. it eats dog food

. it has white and brown coat

. it weighs about 15-18 punds

. it is tough and sturdy

. it is a small animal

. 10-15 inenes

. it can hunt badgers, it wont let go of the badger not even if the badger bites

Homework week 48

Vi har gjort lite förändringar kring 5-6:ans textläxa (gäller inte lilla gruppen). Från och med nu kommer vi att ägna två veckor åt samma text.

Vecka 1 ägnas åt texten: förståelse, sammanfattning och formuleringar.

Vecka 2 ägnas åt orden: att lära glosor och kunna använda dem i nya sammanhang.

Barnen har fått ett bingo med olika sätt att träna läxan. De ska försöka fylla så många rutor som möjligt i bingot vecka 1 till onsdag 26/11.

Texter att lyssna på finns här:

Green group: The loan

Blue group: Sports day

Lilla gruppen: The picnic

Hör av er om ni har några frågor. MVH Cecilia


Tiger is a dangerous animal.A tiger eat meat.Tigers can not climb in trees.Tigers can swim.Tigers colurs are orange,black and white.Tiger have striped cout which helps to give them camouflage.Tigers hunt alone.The looks like a cat a big cat.It´s big bigger and a children.Tigers are the largets cat.Tigers length of up to 3.38m.Tiger can weighing up to 388.7 kg.


The Cat is a small Animal. They eat a cheese and like mice. In the night they are out hunting mice in the wood. Every day they sleep the cats hunting in the wood. The cats Is afraid for dogs and persons or damage when they are frightened. The cats food is liverwurst and cheese . They also like sour milk. The cats often get ticks.

By: Alfred Bergkvist

11:10 29/9